• Power Solar Energy Electronic B.V.

    What we do

    What we do

    Power Solar develops solar energy projects on land, roofs, greenhouses, water, and car parks throughout the Netherlands.
    For each project we look for the best solution specifically for your situation. For example, we can buy or rent land positions, look for ways to combine solar energy with agriculture, and we always ensure that the project fits well within the existing landscape.

    We do this together with our partners, but especially with you as a roof or land owner.

    Each project follows the steps mentioned below:

    1. Initial contact: our advisors will be happy to talk to you to see which solutions are suitable.
    2. Development: we contact all relevant parties (such as the grid operator, the municipality, the local community), do technical research and make a design for a solar project that integrates the wishes from all parties.
    3. Subsidy application: we arrange everything for the SDE++ subsidy application and submit it. You do not have to do anything for this.
    4. Construction: we build the solar project with high-quality materials. The quality is guaranteed by external parties and the solar installations are insured by Allianz.
    5. Energy production: once built, the project will generate green solar energy. Trio Investment keeps the projects in its own portfolio for their entire lifespan and does not sell them on to an external party.
    6. Dismantling: at the end of the term of our agreement, we ensure that the project is dismantled and the roof or land is delivered back in its original state. Money is deposited into a specially created savings account for these costs during the duration of the project.

    Complete process

    Trio Investment is responsible for the complete process and ensures that you as a roof or land owner do not need to take any action. Of course, we will keep you informed of all developments and remain available at all times for any questions or comments.