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    Solar Roofs

    In the Netherlands, many large roofs are suitable and available for the installation of solar panels. Agricultural roofs such as barns and stables, as well as logistic and commercial roofs such as distribution centers and business premises. Since it concerns large areas, this requires a high initial investment.

    We are happy to make this investment for you: we rent your roof and install the solar panels and take care of the entire process from start to finish. You will receive a fee per panel, and you can purchase the green electricity at a low cost for your business operations or, for example, charging stations.

    What is needed?

    A roof that is at least 700 m2 in size, but ideally around 1000 m2 or larger. The roof has to be in good condition, the rental period is at least 15 years and can be extended twice by 5 years with mutual consent. Is there asbestos in your roof but do you want to have it replaced? Then we can also offer a combination with asbestos removal. And if you are interested in placing charging stations for your fleet or customers, we are also happy to take this into account in the project.

    What will the project look like?

    We can carry out the projects quickly and ensure a double use of the surfaces. The government sees this the same way and gives solar roofs priority over other solar projects in the SDE++ subsidy scheme. Power Solar Energy organizes everything, from subsidy application to Allianz insurance and disassembly at the end of the term. Thanks to the Allianz insurance, the solar installation and consequential damages are insured. Afterwards, we deliver the roof waterproof and in good condition again. Read here more about how we work.

    Empty greenhouses

    We can also install solar panels on top of greenhouses. More information about the possibilities for greenhouse solar projects can be found here.

    Curious about what we can do for you?

    Every situation is unique. Therefore, after a personal conversation we are happy to make you a non-binding offer, completely tailored to your situation.