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    Solar Parks

    Power Solar Energy has a lot of experience in developing solar parks. We prefer to build these on locations where no agriculture is practiced, such as residual land plots or landfill sites. We buy or lease the land from you and install the solar panels. The entire process is taken care of by us. Here you can find out more about how we work.

    This could be especially interesting for those in retirement, as you lease out your land and receive a yearly fixed income without having to do anything. Watch the video how this worked out for Piet Koeckhoven.

    Environment and local benefits

    For designing a solar park, it is very important to look at the integration of the landscape. A permit from the municipality is also required. Power Solar Energy has a keen eye for this and works together with all the local stakeholders to arrive at an optimal design. In doing so, we look beyond just solar panels; we strive for local benefits for all parties. For example, we could provide local ecological reinforcement by planting flowers and herbal grassland around the solar park. And we also ensure that the local residents benefit financially and can participate in the project.

    Dual use

    Power Solar Energy strives as much as possible for double use of surfaces. For example, we are working on parking spaces covered with solar panels and solutions in which agriculture and solar energy are combined (also called agri-pv). In the meantime, we are already working on several pilot projects. Together with the landowners we are looking for the best total solution.

    A few advantages at a glance

    • No investment costs required
    • Permits, placing and maintenance (free of charge) arranged
    • Transparent contracts and no hidden costs
    • You remain involved with your land from A to Z
    • Local participation is a core value for us

    Are you curious what we can offer you?

    Every situation is unique. That is why we would like to make you an offer after a personal conversation, which is completely tailored to your situation.