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    Logistics sector

    Lucrative lease of your roof for solar panels

    The installation of solar panels is a wise choice as an additional source of income for your company. Research shows that the logistics sector still offers many opportunities for roof leasing for solar panels. Distribution centres have large areas of roof that can be used for the generation of solar energy, allowing space to have a dual usage. The energy generated can also be used for your own annual consumption.


    When you rent out your roof for solar panels, you do not have any direct investment costs and you receive a fee per panel. The entire process of subsidy, licensing, installation and maintenance is fully arranged by Power Solar Energy.

    Curious about what it can bring you?

    Every situation is unique. That is why we are happy to meet with you and make an offer tailored to your specific situation. Leave your details here and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

    Green energy

    The energy generated can be used by your company, but also by others. For example, on an industrial roof of 10,000 m2 approximately 2 MW of solar panels can be installed, which can provide an average of 425 households with green electricity!

    Advantages of leasing out your roof

    • No investment costs required
    • Subsidy, licence, installation and maintenance arranged
    • Financial space remains intact for your core business
    • No payback time
    • No costs for maintenance, service or replacement of components