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    Horticultural Sector

    Returns on your empty greenhouse

    Do you have an empty greenhouse? Instead of removing it, you could consider leasing it out for solar panels. This way you can make money from your empty greenhouse by leasing it to us, where you will receive a rental fee per panel. At the same time the greenhouse will become an energy source. The energy generated can be used for your own annual consumption or by third parties. You lease out the roof area of the greenhouse and we will take care of the project.

    Land Positions within Zoning Plan Greenhouses?

    Do you own land positions within the zoning plan greenhouses? We would like to rent or buy the land and build the greenhouse with a solar roof. Together with the landowner we will look at ways to optimally use the area inside the greenhouse.

    No investment and no hassle

    When you rent out your empty greenhouse for solar panels, no direct investment costs are needed. Moreover, you’ll receive a fee per panel. We will cover the entire process of subsidy, licensing, installation and maintenance, so you can focus on your daily business.

    Curious about what we can do for you?

    Every situation is unique. That is why we are happy to meet with you and make an offer tailored to your specific situation. We also consider the impact on the community and want to make sure that the project will have benefits to all. You can leave your details here and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

    The benefits of renting out your greenhouse roof:

    • No investment costs required
    • No investment return time
    • Subsidy, license, installation, insurance and maintenance will be arranged
    • Financial scope remains intact for your core business
    • No unexpected costs for maintenance, service or replacement of components