• Power Solar Energy Electronic B.V.

    Barns & Warehouses

    The roofs of barns and warehouses are ideally suited for the installation of solar panels. These roofs have large surfaces with few obstacles on or around them, so a lot of sustainable solar energy can be generated.

    It is also a way of dual use of space, as activities inside the buildings continue unabated. The government therefore also prefers the installation of solar roofs in their incentive scheme for sustainable energy.

    Additional advantages

    In addition, solar roofs also give companies the opportunity to make their business operations more sustainable with renewable energy. The produced solar energy can be locally consumed by the company right away, and we offer them a discount on their green energy bill. It is also possible to place charging stations on the company premises to charge electric vehicles.


    All you have to do is provide the roof of your barn or warehouse and we will take care of the rest. During the installation of the solar panels we will carefully coordinate with the users of the barn or warehouse, so the work inside can continue with as little hindrance as possible. We also offer the possibility to pay the rental fee per panel up to 15 years in advance.
    Read here (link) how a project takes shape with us.